Celia is an artist working in Photography, Sculpture and Poetry



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Portsmouth Potters Exhibition - Guildhall Square 2019


Ca n'est pas un choux

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Cullercoats – July morning

Wave lines, etched silver, gleam,

part-lit by pale yellow rising sun.


Horizon’s dissolved.

In matte grey sea and sky,

far out, the anchored ghost ship 

sleeps, mist-shrouded.


Cliff edge road thrums:

tyres of people’s cars,

their drivers work-intent.


Tide-uncovered rocks below

crouch, crumpled, broken iron-grey.

Man, silhouetted, 

collects sea-food 

from his metal cages.


Chest arm-wrapped, Deane dreams,

striped in white and blue,

duvet swagged: warm drifts of snow.

In flowing cool bright air
I rest and write, holiday content.

I July 2012

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