Defence Heritage

The case for change to the Treasury rules on the Disposal of Surplus Government Land in favour of social, environmental and economic benefit to local communities.


Celia Clark PhD

Article for Naval Dockyards Society Transactions Summer 2023

Doing things differently: how do countries dispose of their surplus defence land? Do these differences offer losses or gains to ex-defence communities and sustainable reuse of historic structures?


Celia Clark PhD

Dr. Celia Clark is an expert on the transition of former defence sites to civilian uses.

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Sveaborg/Suomenlinna – a government funded transformation Naval Dockyards Society conference 27 March 2021


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Date: 4 July, 2021

celia clark

She initiated a series of conferences organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology: Defence Sites: Heritage and Future held in Portsmouth in 2012, Venice Arsenale in 2014, Alicante in 2016.

Her book Sustainable Regeneration of Former Military Sites published by Routledge in 2016 which she edited with Samer Bagaeen is the first to explore this largely undocumented process which is taking place in many parts of the world.

She is a committee member of the international Naval Dockyards Society.

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Her dissertation for the MSc. Historic Conservation at Oxford Brookes University in 1994 explored The Future of Dockyard Heritage: Conservation, Community and Economic Aspects of the Transition of Naval and Military Sites to Civilian use in four former dockyard towns: Chatham, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Venezia. Her PhD thesis at the University of Portsmouth in 2002 examined 'White Holes: decision-making in disposal of Ministry of Defence heritage sites'. Her report 'Vintage Ports or Deserted Dockyards: differing futures for naval heritage across Europe' was published by the University of the West of England in 2000. In 2006 she led the bid to inscribe Portsmouth Harbour, the Isle of Wight and Spithead on the World Heritage list - currently in abeyance.