Media Appearances – TV and Radio



Royal Aircraft Establishment

In July/August 2003 Celia Clark appeared in the BBC2 Restoration series in July 2004 talking about the Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth.

In the same year Celia and Deane Clark presented seven short programmes on regional conservation projects, tied in with the BBC 2 Restoration series on BBC TV South: Southern Ways. Each broadcast covered 3 sites including the massive wind tunnels in the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Slough Estates redeveloped the site and reunited the two halves of the portable airship hanger.

She is interviewed on local TV and radio news on local issues.

Restoration Series BBC 2006:

To compliment the national series featuring Buildings at Risk, Celia and Deane Clark made 7 BBC South programmes featuring local buildings in need of restoration, such as the Wind Tunnels at the Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough.