colour of water

The Colour of Water, published 2013

ISBN NUMBER 978-0-9573435-7-3, Price £18.95 +post and packing £5. Portsmouth, where I live, is a city surrounded by water: the seafront facing the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Langstone harbours and the tidal Portscreek. Water in all its guises inspires me. I love sea swimming, buoyed up in waves' embrace or leaping over wave peaks. The rivers Thames and Hudson flow through the places where our children live. Salt water is pictured at sea level in the Mediterranean's many moods, the varicoloured Atlantic in Bermuda and Martha's Vineyard, the Bohai Sea in China.


Celia and Deane Clark's Portsmouth

Celia & Deane Clark's Portsmouth, publication date: 2013 and ISBN number: 978-1-9096-08-3, £18.9 Post and Packing £5: Celia was lucky enough to marry Deane Clark and thereby gain a home town, his birthplace. As living organisms, cities continually change - but whether all changes in Portsmouth were for the better is still debated. Living in there since 1970, they have seen Portsmouth change - rapidly at first during the 'Second Blitz' - new roads, slum clearance and comprehensive redevelopment, and then more slowly as conservation areas, general improvement areas and creative reuse of buildings took hold. The photos are a mix of old and new. Deane took the photos of the now demolished buildings, before Celia acquired her own camera. Excellent new structures enhance the city, highlighted in the Portsmouth Society's annual Design Awards.

The Tricorn The Life and Death of a Sixties Icon

Corrected re-print, full colour. ISBN: 978-0-9562498-5-2, 2009,2012, 2014: price £19.95 + post and packing £5. Love it or hate it, there's no middle ground in reactions to the Tricorn: the Brutalist, bold, multi-layered and multi-use megastructure built in Portsmouth between 1962 and 1966, and demolished in 2004. Celia Clark and Robert Cook explore what makes an architectural icon - and what unmade it.
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barracks book

Barracks, Forts and Ramparts:

Regeneration Challenges for Portsmouth Harbour's Defence Heritage
by Celia Clark and Martin Marks OBE
Tricorn Books 2020 £30 + £6 post and packing. Orders to 8 Florence Road Southsea PO5 2NE or pages, illustrations, bibliographies, references, index ISBN 9781912821648

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